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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Easy Runner

My favorite thing about running sofar this week is that the burden of training has been lifted. The hay is in the barn, so to speak, and this adds a more playful mood to my running. I felt it yesterday on the track, and this morning as well. I left the house wanting to run about 30 minutes, with no other goal in mind.

My other favorite thing about running this week has been the Springtime. The light now at 6:00, with the sun starting to come up, is just about perfect, the temperature is cool, and everyday brings more blooming and color. Another beautiful sunrise was visible down the east-west streets, but today we resisted the temptation to again chase it eastwards.

Instead E and I pursued our windmills down 42nd St., up Westminster and back home on 54th St. and Larchwood. E set a brisk pace, and keeping up was fun. Total time was 39:03 and, as I'm too busy/lazy to Keyhole it, I'm guessing 5 miles.


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