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Saturday, April 09, 2005

No Time

Woke up brain dead this morning. Unfortunately not from partying but from staying up too late writing - wonky writing on prisoners reentering the community and homelessness. But that's my other life.

Did not feel like thinking so I put it into autopilot and ran an Art Museum loop. Started out slow and made it to half-fast (get it?) by the time I got to the Schuylkill bike path. I caught up with RD and we talked a bit, and then I turned to go home. Couple of urban fartleks to make some lights gave me a glimpse of what I might have done with more motivation, but I'm saving that for Boston. 9 more days.

RD asked me if I was checking the long range weather forecasts. Yet a little early for that but I'll be doing that soon.

Beautiful weather this morning. C is taking me out to a birthday breakfast right after I shower. T's first little league game is today. Things are looking good.

6.5 miles and I never got my watch started. Probably better that way.


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