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Thursday, April 07, 2005


It's my birthday today. Thanks to my mom (I know she reads this) for the trouble she went through 41 years ago and for all she's put up with since.

C gave me a gift of a bunch of clothes from a trendy brand clothing store, some of which I will wear today. I'll call it my birthday suit.

Otherwise the day should progress as normal. I was supposed to just run today, putting 8 25-second, sub 5k-pace sprints into the middle of the run spaced by 1 minute recovery periods. In other words good old fashioned fartlek. I ran the Sweetbriar loop and did the fartlek on the Schuylkill path and along MLK. Instead of using my watch I picked out a point and just ran to it as fast as I could. Doing this probably made the sprints a bit longer and the recoveries a bit shorter, but overall made the feel of this workout more informal and relaxed, and more in the newfound spirit of "peaking".

The bridge on 42nd St. just south of Girard Ave was closed, necessitating a detour further up Girard to Belmont. Looks like it will be closed for awhile. Oh well.

Otherwise a warm and pleasant run, didn't much push it on the warmup or cool down. 8 miles in 62:51.


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