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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Airing It Out

I emailed Greg, my coach, asking him where is the taper. He explained how he prefers to call this the time just before the marathon the "peaking phase" and that he feels the traditional 3-week taper leaves one going into the goal marathon feeling stale. Instead he recommends reducing mileage but still putting in a few hard workouts a week to "rev the engine up."

I had always suspected that tapers were overrated, but was a bit hesitant to go to the track so close to the Boston (<2 weeks away). Todays workout, 4x 2000 meters w/ 400 m recovery in 7:17 down to 7:03. This was a bit slower than I would have done earlier in my training cycle and I felt really strong - running them in 7:05; 7:01; 7:02; 6:57. What amazes me most at this stage is how good my legs feel. I feel more and more ready.

10 miles total with warm up and cool down, running time was 76:34.

Saw an empty box of Boston Baked Beans on the sidewalk on the way down to Franklin Field. Omen? If so, of what? I've got an email in to the guys at Delphi.


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