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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Finding Thomas

E & I went out west this morning to Mt. Moriah cemetary. On our last run she talked about Thomas St., this great street on which to run that she could not subsequently relocate. This morning we went up Larchwood to where it t's into Mercy Hospital, went left and across Baltimore Ave, and low and behold there was Thomas St.

Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh's getting lost in the Hundred Acre Woods and after trying hard to find his way and just getting more lost, he tries to get lost and thereby finds his way home.

I can see why Thomas St. tries to remain discreet. There are some quiet blocks out towards Cobbs Creek with beautiful three story twins on them that are just begging not to be gentrified. So mum's the word to any yuppie types you come across.

Today was supposed to be an easy day and in the spirit of that we took some time to muck through the back paths of Mt. Moriah. We found the military burial sections, with headstones once lined up in precise rows and columns like at Arlington but now out of sync as the ground has shifted over the decades. One soldier's headstone did double duty: his name was in the front and a female name (same surname) was on the flip side with the simple inscription under it - "his wife". Not my idea of how to be remembered for eternity.

If I coached a cross country team around here I'd have workouts at Mt. Moriah. There are lots of paths and some good hills on the site. The original Mount Moriah was where Abraham took Isaac with the intent to sacrifice him, and upon which Jerusalem was later built.

Today's loop was so twisted that even keyhole couldn't measure it. 60:20. Taking our gawking into account I'll guess its 6.5 miles.

Need a quick fix for your Boston obsession? Check out this site brimming with poignancy (scroll down past the banquet stuff). A larger version of this art below is currently my computer wallpaper; unfortunately I misplaced the web address where I got it from.

I'm shipping up to Boston
I'm shipping up to Boston
I'm shipping find my wooden leg
- Dropkick Murphys


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