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Monday, April 11, 2005

Chasing the Sunrise

Its a good thing that Boston is next Monday and not today. The legs were not into running.

E & I went north and west, intending to mosey up to 59th St. A beautiful sunrise kept taunting us between the buildings, however, so we called an audible and turned south down Westminster to 40th St and then across Girard and down to MLK. Unfortunately the sunrise was more or less over by the time we got a clear view of it, but I'd never seen the light and shadowplay on the Center City skyscrapers in quite the way it was on display this morning.

The flowering trees, including the cherry blossoms, are now officially gorgeous.

The distractions saved me, as the run itself was of the "are we there yet?" variety. Probably a long 7 in 61:37.


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