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Friday, April 15, 2005

How to Watch Me in Boston

This should be the last entry I write before Boston. We leave early tomorrow morning.

Just got back from a mellow 4.5 miler w/ E going west on Pine out to Cobbs Creek and back home on Cedar. 39:33. Weather promises to be beautiful today although it was cold enough out there that my hands are chilled enough to slow down my typing.

If you're interested in following me on Monday, you can do so online. and go to the Boston Marathon part of the website and fish around for where ever it is they have the link for tracking runners in real time. For those of you unfamiliar with running technology, there is a chip that each runner puts on their shoe that registers when you cross an series of electronic mats that are placed every 5 kilometers on the course. So whenever a runner crosses one the signal from the chip is picked up and the online site is updated. So you need to refresh the site periodically.

The race starts at noon. The way to root for me is to hope I hit every 5km mark at right around 19 minutes for the first 25 km (15.5 miles). A little slower is okay, a little faster and then start shaking your head and clucking. There is, if I remember, a time recorded at the halfway point, which you can then double to get a rough idea of how I'm doing.

My reach goal is 2:40, my fallback goal is 2:45, anything slower and I'll be complaining next week.

After 25km the race gets interesting. At this point the course enters Newton and the uphills start. If I hold steady (around 19 min.) for the next 2 5km segments I'm doing well, if I slow down a little thats understandable, if I actually run in the 18 minute range then I'm an animal. If I slow down say into the 20 minute range, then that bodes poorly. From 35 km is the real race, and the faster I go the better.

Hope that makes sense: slow and steady up to 25, as strong as I can up to 35, and then hammer it (to the extent that I can) back to Boyleston St.

I repeat this not because of any underestimation of you readers' intelligence, but because I need to keep repeating it to myself. And then I actually have to follow my strategy.

I'll have plenty more to say on all this on Tuesday. Stay tuned.


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