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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Making $10 the Hard Way

So, I thought I was doing everything right. I got to bed at 9:30 last night, and as a result I had no problem getting up a little earlier than I usually do. Was on pace to get out of the house before my usual 6:30 start when a last minute bout of GI issues waylaid me for a bit.

No, this won't be a TMI post. My point is at this point it was very hard to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm for this run, as I was behind schedule and needed to be into work on time. Instead of things being as planned (i.e., in my control) I suddenly found myself in salvage mode. I considered not running, I considered cutting my planned tempo run short, and ultimately had to push myself to get on the road.

I was rewarded for this, as upon turning onto Baltimore Ave I spotted a Hamilton rolled up and sticking out of a little crack baggie sitting on the sidewalk. I scooped it up and thereby renounced my amateur status, and kept moving on. As the run progressed my frustrations melted and I ended up doing the now-usual Thursday route - the 11 mile Strawberry Mansion Bridge loop with the three-mile tempo stretch followed by recovery on the Belmont fire road. Its tough but I really like it. Mile splits for the tempo were 6:19; 12:22 and 18:26 - one second faster than my 4800 meter time from yesterday and about 45 seconds faster than my time on these tempo miles last Thursday. Progress, provided my heels cooperate. Sofar they have.

This is another rushed post from work, so I wrap things up here. Just want to say I forewent breakfast and lifting to get to work on time, and used my newfound riches for coffee and a muffin later on that morning.

I'm in a happy place with my running right now. Its hard writing that, makes me look around for some wood to knock on.

11 miles in 92:47.


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