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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheese Stands Alone

Ever get hung over and swear off drinking. It's perfectly rational, there is just no reason to drink, especially when you wake up the next morning feeling that bad.

You can see where this is heading. I didn't feel awful this morning, just saw no reason to run. But I was meeting Deirdre at 6:30, so I'll just do a couple of miles. And with that the bargaining begun. By the time we got to Cobbs Creek and Cedar Avenue was coming up, I suggested we keep going south/west. Deirdre had a tight calf but agreed and we kept heading out until we ended up on Woodland. By then we are at the point of no return at an 8.5 mile loop. And we are on another bender.

And nothing changes.

Well, what's changing is that Deirdre plans to move out of the city in September. A good opportunity for her but one less running partner for me. And running with Erin and John Dubs both have become precarious propositions due to impending additions to their families. And the cheese suddenly stands alone.

To show what a difference running with Deirdre makes, Monday I ran a slightly shorter version of this loop in 71 minutes, today 8.5 miles clocked in at 63:45. No tempo or pissing contests or anything, she just runs her regular runs at a faster clip and I just adjust. For another month.


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