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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Run, Repeat

I stayed up all day yesterday, went to bed early last night (I was really tired) and got a good nights sleep. Felt fresh this morning as I got up at 5:30 to get ready for the morning run. Not only did I feel rested and non-lagged, but I felt like I was in a routine again. Right now that is important for me.

Met Deirdre at the Chestnut Street Bridge and we ran a version of a Sweetbriar loop. The run was pleasant enough as we mainly chatted through it, with the humidity that promises to blanket the city today still not quite having descended. We ran up Sweetbriar Hill and I realized that I've definitely lost some conditioning.

After getting home I started lifting again. I try to do one set of reps for something upper body after I run just to keep some semblance of tone, but haven't done that for several months due to the changes that have been abounding. Started up again with that, as much a symbol of being able to get up, run, lift, get ready, go to work, repeat for a stretch of time now.

8 miles in about 67 minutes.


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