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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wine A Little...

... you'll feel better.

Greetings from Sonoma. We've been here for the last four days (since I last posted) and its been lots of wine, food and sun. A honeymoon that is the perfect fit for what Reba and I like to do together.

That also includes running, although that is the one thing Reba won't let me do with her (long story). But we've both been doing it on our own.

Three runs in the last four days. First one was the hilly one which my last post foreshadowed. Mountainous is the better word. I wasn't aware at the time how literally the Sonoma Valley is a valley. The route I mapped was up the south wall of this valley, and was unrelenting in its uphill and in the steep nature of this. Part of this was great, as I ran up into the fog-shrouded mountains with my first taste of vineyards on both sides of the winding roads I was on. Then reality set in. The fact that one of the roads I planned my route on turned out to be a private drive, with a gate cutting off access, threw my g-map plans out the window and then a fork in the road which wasn't there further confused things, so I turned around and headed back rather than chance getting lost and thereby doing many gratuitous hills. It was really ridiculous, but I survived what turned out to be 7.5 miles in I think 66 minutes.

The next day, Friday, was a day off as we rented bikes and hit several wineries. Great way to do things and no worries about DWI's.

Yesterday I did 15. Headed out Route 12 towards Santa Rosa and then hit Arnold Drive in Glen Ellen, which I took back into town for a loop. The traffic on this run was more than was ideal, and much of the running was through town, but once I got out into the country, surrounded by vineyards, it gave me a taste of the valley (yes, I stayed in the valley) that you can't get any other way. I left too late and the sun was harsh, but I was glad to get a long run in. Just under 2 hours.

This morning was an easy 40 minutes (4 miles, conservatively) out to the Gundlach-Bundschu Winery and back. The GunBun is on the outskirts of Sonoma, but was a bit too far, and I cut the run short when I went 20 minutes and still had a bit to go to get there. I learned that the east side of Sonoma is the better-off part of town, and that it is definitely smart to get out early before the sun blows away all the early morning overcast.

Heading up to Healdsburg to spend the next four days. Don't know if I'll get internet access or want to break away from the fun we're having to post again from there. But through it all I should be running.


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