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Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Notes

I did yesterday's workout today. The usual. Head down to MLK and run 3 miles as fast as I can. Fast wasn't as fast as the last couple of weeks, 3 in 19:12. Still, I was glad to run fast for 3 miles, as I still had alot of residual crud in my legs this morning. One of those mornings where I made a deal with myself that if I just got out to the Art Museum then I could run as fast (0r slow) as I wanted, and then just ran whatever I could. I knew from the first accelerated steps this would not be as fast as the last few weeks, and that took any pressure I put on myself off.

I wonder if I will get substantially (say tempos at 5:30-5:45 pace) faster again, or if this is my plateau.

I took the fire road again from the top of Strawberry Mansion Bridge once the tempo run was done. Its a really good reward for having done the workout. Totally alone in the middle of the city.

And the weather continues to be amazingly perfect.

And finally, with today's workout I now have a new load of crud in my legs and I continue to gimp about. Tomorrow we're having a porch sale, so I'm either gonna run easy or not at all, and then we'll see what Sunday brings.


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