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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Half Full

or half-fasst?

Pushed my run back about 45 minutes so I could have some coffee with Reba this morning, as she went into work late. Its a nice little ritual we used to do alot more than we get a chance to do now.

Afterwards I headed out to the 58th St. track. The sun was beating down when I got there. Nothing too imaginative today - 4x1600 (400m rec). First one in 6:01; then 5:57; 6:08 and 6:24.

I was really psyched about the 5:57, its been awhile since breaking 6, and is harder on that track due to conditions. But I clearly gave it too much on that rep, as the next two suffered. I was really spent on the last rep.

So I'm not sure what to focus on in this workout - whether it was a good workout or a bad one. As with most things in life, its a shade of gray. What I can tell you, however, is that for the rest of the day my legs have had that old familiar beat with a baseball bat feeling. Its a dull aching pain, but a good pain as it indicates hard work as opposed to an injury alarm. So I guess I'm continuing to progress.

10 miles total in 78:54.


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