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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekend Update

Happy Fourth. About the best running weather I've ever had on such a holiday weekend.

Friday I took the day off to sleep in and celebrate Reba's birthday.

Saturday I went up to Bryn Mawr and met up with Mike McGrath and six other folks from out there. Eight of us became four who went for 12 miles and, with some stops and starts along various trails, ended up with about 12.5 in 1:47. With the trail detours and the water stops it was hard to get a rhythm going, but there was good company and lots of hills. The group is more "grown up" than the Saturday group at the art museum; they are all my age as well as my pace. I like that. Its also good to run with Mike, which I don't get to do often, especially at a time when we are both happy with our still modest training achievements.

12 miles yesterday left me with a decision this morning of whether to call that my long run or not. I still wasn't sure as I took off this morning, up 36th, past the zoo and onto the fire trail. Instead of turning up Ford Road I sealed my decision to run longer by continuing up the narrowing trail in search of the elusive Wooden Nipple. The WN is known to a select few and I had never run it, though I have heard it mentioned enough to know it exists. My rule of thumb was to stick to my right when the trail split. I had a bit of trouble finding the trail again when I came out at the Chamounix Stables and after that it became an uphill bushwhack that reminded me why I don't do trails. The story ends happily as I did make it to the summit and came down the more familiar Bloody Nipple to Falls River Bridge. By then playing Henry Stanley had taken its toll, and my heart was no longer into it as I trekked back down MLK on my way home. I got some of my mojo back towards the end and finished what should have been a two-hour run in 2:12. Won't do that one again but have now expanded my knowledge of Philly running just a wee bit more.

That gives me 64 miles for the week and for the third straight week I've been happy with my training. Future is brightening.


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