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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Up and Down

I don't run in the rain. I've tortured myself about it and decided there are some things I just don't do. So you can call me whatever you like, but when I was set and ready to go and I looked out the window at the downpour this morning, I stayed home. I know nobody is calling me anything, and that I'm writing this mostly to myself. It doesn't help that the rain didn't last very long.

And as I write this I'm thinking if I can cut loose a bit this afternoon. My schedule is very flexible of late as I have the fortunate problem of having to take 12 vacation days before the end of this month or I lose them.

Instead of running I'll play catch-up on this blog. Yesterday Erin, Jody and I found a better way to get to Bartram's Gardens on our way to an easy 5.5.

The day before it was a 7.5-mile Sweetbriar loop. My heels are still tender enough to where I am not pushing the tempo. Monday and Sunday were days off. And I can't remember what I did on Saturday. Think Seebo. Oh yeah, I went on a Kingsessing loop through Mt. Moriah cemetery. I'm guessing that's about 7, don't feel like gmapping it. Which takes me back to when the Achilles pain flared up.

So I'm on three-quarter speed, part due to the inflamed tendon, part due to life, and part due to weather. A few weeks up, a few weeks down. That's how my running is going.


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