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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fairmount Park Trivia

Q: What do Shubert, Goethe and Verdi have in common?

A: They all have statues in the Horticultural Center that I passed by this morning.

Culture on the fly.

Still didn't make it out this morning before 7, but I'm working on it.

The rain thats been drenching this city let up a bit this morning. Grey skies and 50's, good running weather. As Reba says, the animals are going to be lining up two by two pretty soon.

Ran two miles in 12:32 on MLK. This was my vegetables for the day, eaten so I can grow big and strong. I hope to increase the portion next time.

For dessert I meandered through the Hort. Center. Explored a little bit, took some time to check out the sculptures that dot the place.

My encyclopedic knowledge of porta-potty locations in Philadelphia paid off on this morning's run, but forced me to add about an extra half mile on my usual route.

All in all a fun morning out, 9.5 miles in about 75 minutes.

Yesterday I ran about 6 (guesstimate) in 45:52 with Erin and Jody.

Off to Florida for the weekend. See if can run, and write, from there.


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