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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Not much going on here this year, kids are out of town and no family get togethers. Instead of church I engaged in my usual Sunday morning ritual and went out for a long run.

I didn't go to church but the streets were full of people who did, decked out in their Sunday finest. The trees were decked out in their Sunday finest as well, including the cherry trees, which are peaking about now. My boss suggested I run by the long row of cherry trees that runs from the Horticultural Center, where the attached picture was taken, to the Catholic Total Abstinence Fountain, where I saw them. Two parallel rows of spectacular blossoms and one of Philly's many little known gems.

It was a rare long run where I didn't want to stop. Went through Fairmount Park up to Overbrook Farms down Cobbs Creek, and instead of going back down Christian St. I went the extra mile or so down to Warrington before heading home. I felt strong and the morning was beautiful. I had Tom Russell on the iPod, and then Dave Alvin; the latter had turned me on to the former. Life was good.

In that spirit Reba and I spent a good part of the afternoon planting the little patch in front of our house. It has been neglected over the last few years and this was a perfect day to literally plant life back into it. Celebrating rebirth, is, afterall, what this holiday was all about before the Christians appropriated it.

12.5 miles in 1:44:12.


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