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Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting the Crud Out

I like to think that running a week after a marathon amounts to jolting the legs enough so that all of the crud that accumulated from the race starts to break off, float around for a bit and create achy feelings, and then get cleansed away. While questionable from a medical perspective, it does let me feel like I'm healing myself by running more. That is the way it works, right.

Anyway, great morning to run. Sunny and mild and the plants and trees seem like they are right on the verge of bursting into Spring. I ran it down to the Art Museum and came back west on Hamilton Street. The street runs parallel to Powelton Ave. but is less traveled and less known to me. It has gorgeous old houses and people that obviously take care of them, and gawking at them did much to pass the running time.

Catching up, I went 5 or so miles (40 minutes worth) on Wednesday, took a day off yesterday, and today did 5.7 miles, untimed.


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