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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pudding for Breakfast

One of the good things about being an adult. I can have pudding for breakfast... everyday if I want to.

I made instant pudding last weekend for dessert, and after looking at the ingredients and then looking at a recipe for pudding from scratch marveled at how simple it was. So when I had to make a dessert for a dinner party last night and because our oven is currently out (thanks, PECO), I made pudding last night. This morning I had the leftovers. I figured it would be a good quick, high energy food, along the lines of Gu.

And it may well be. Problem is that its rich and sits in your stomach, and little reminders that you have a belly full of pudding come up every so often. So although there is a freedom to have pudding for breakfast, it is not something I recommend to start your day. Now I sound like an adult.

Otherwise it's a dreary, gray day out, but not too cold. I resolved to run for an hour, went out west and back down Kingsessing, and added a few blocks to it so that it became this route and took me 60:23; giving me a hair under 7 miles.

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off... from running and blogging. I'd like to take a day off from a few other things that are hanging over my head but life doesn't work that way.

Again I sound like an adult. Anyway, check back on Tuesday.


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