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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shake Em on Down!

A noteworthy day has come. Tony, my 12 year old, turned me on to some good music. The first, I hope, of many such tips. Tony has gotten very into playing guitar and, along with that, is developing a taste for blues. He said I should listen to Seasick Steve, so I downloaded some. Hobo blues and homeless boogie played on a three string guitar. I love it. Check some out here.

That was the fuel for my morning run. Reba asked, "Aren't you supposed to be tapering?" and I answered, "I got nothing to taper from." So it was one more hard take on the South Street Bridge-less SMB loop. Got the MLK 3 down to 19:32. Gonna get fast enough soon to start calling them tempo runs again.

Very typical March morning: overcast, breezy with a damp chill. Uncomfortable enough to resist going out but once you wallow in it for a bit it gets downright comfortable. Anytime I can run in short sleeves I can't complain.

10.5 miles in 88:50.


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