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Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Back

I'm okay, mostly I've been away from running and my blog for the past week.

Reason was a confluence of things. The first week of classes was last week, and I'm teaching three this semester. This means things will be busy, and particularly so last week in getting things together for the semester. It was also cold. And this weekend was busy with various things. Finally, that low-grade adductor/groin pain hasn't gone away, even though it got some rest.

So that should be enough excuses.

That bags any momentum I carried into the start of the year. Now its two weeks on, one week off. And time to put out an "on" week again. While all this was going on, I was wondering if I am starting to lose the fire. The same time I wasn't running last week I was more motivated than usual with my work. Particularly with one of the classes I'm teaching, where I'm taking a group of USP undergraduates into one of the local jails and holding class with them and an equal number of "inside" students. I'm glad, its where my passion should be, and I wonder if its at the expense of running, if its time to, so to say, move on to other stuff. Or maybe it was a slow running week.

Either way I'll be around and, as always, thinking too much.

8 miles this morning on the USP treadmill, untimed, due to snowy streets.


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