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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sucking Wind

Merry Christmas, and greetings from Colorado.

If Santa is putting his Christmas list together based on recent workouts, I'm definitely some of the hard black lumpy stuff. I blew off running last weekend, didn't run on Monday due to car trouble and travel, and then finally made it out again yesterday for four miles or so here in Lakewood, just outside of Denver, where we are spending the holiday with Reba's family.

Sofar I've learned to avoid running on roads that have the word "Mountain" in them. Seriously, it is, not surprisingly, much hillier around here at the foot of the foothills of the Rockies. The ups and the downs are more extended, in the fashion of Rockford Park in Wilmington, and for yesterdays workout I took it easy on the downhills and took the uphills hard. This got me realizing how much thinner the air really is out here.

Today I took an early morning loop that was a bit longer and provided me with plenty of ups and downs again. The downhills were nice, especially one that was about a mile long and not too steep. I took the uphills hard again and didn't realize how much oxygen debt I was in until I finished the run and could not get enough oxygen in my lungs for a few minutes.

Be blogging sporadically for the next few days and hopefully doing some cross training. Just giving myself an easy week again. 5.5 miles in 42:14.


Blogger Kevin said...

Merry Friday. I hope you'll be meeting up with Lindsay for a run this week. Although it sounds like you may be avoiding his roads.

1:53 PM  

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