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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three Gears

Long trip home from New York, with the Christmas shopping and the dinner we got in along the way. Going to bed now. Before I brush my teeth and say my prayers, I'll give a quick recap of this morning's run.

Reba and I headed out to Rockland Lake and I did three laps around. Each loop around the lake was just over 3 miles around. First lap, in low gear, was in 26:40; second lap, in half-fast gear, was 23:24; and then I put it in high gear for the last one in 20:02. This progression felt natural and the last lap felt very strong. I really like the way I was feeling, like I could have run a marathon at that final pace. Another nice thing about doing the laps is that I could peel clothing off as I warmed up.

No one likes my new shoes, which are a shade that Reba calls "yellow snow". I think they do make me go faster, though. But I've been believing that about new shoes ever since I was six.

9 miles in 70:08.


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