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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Recon Run

I took yesterday off and this morning I put on my now dry 1062s for an easy run. I was very conscious of my foot throughout the run; like tiptoeing around a sleeping baby. Baby stayed asleep, however, and all felt fine.

I'm still thinking crazy, however, as I'm feeling like I should have hammered it some this morning and could only reassure myself by saying, again and again, that the only sane way to run this morning would be as a recon run, to test out how things were working.

I did put Dave Alvin on again, and there were times in the run when all just grooved together and I felt like a runner.

Tomorrow I expect the cavalry to arrive, in the form of new shoes. A trip out of town means that I'm not going to be able to get any regular training in until middle of next week, so I'll take some recovery time.

So I'll take a page from a friend of mine who is good, too good maybe, at spinning running setbacks into positives. So now a combination of niggling pains and travel turns, presto, into a recovery week. Sounds much better that way, no?

Art Museum loop (one of the last across SSB). 6.5 miles in 56.03.


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