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Friday, November 28, 2008

Dressing Myself

It was one of those days off that didn't feel like one. A series of obligations for most of the day. First one this morning, a trip out to the track. Got ready for it while talking myself into it. Still was talking myself into it while driving out to St. Joe's track. And the attempt at self persuasion continued through the warm ups and it wasn't until I got to my strides that I could actually see myself visualizing the bloody repeats.

Four times 1600 meters with 400 meter recovery. 5:54; 5:51; 5:50; 5:48. They went fine. They were faster than when I last did this workout two weeks ago. And I left the track happy.

All this reminded me of the opening scene from an early 80's movie called the Dresser. In the scene, Tom Courtenay plays the manservant for an aging Shakespearean actor (Albert Finney) and in the scene, just before a performance, Courtenay takes Finney, who is a drunken mess and refuses to do the show, and methodically works him and preps him for playing King Lear to where, by the end of the scene, Finney steps on stage on his way to a masterful performance.

Put the film on my Netflix queue. Put 10 miles, at 79:13, in my running log.


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