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Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy Existentialism

Strange times lately. I'm lacing up my shoes this morning and happen to look out the window and see the snow coming down. Any desire to run vanished with that. As soon as I set foot outside I wanted this run to end.

I figured my best bet was to go to the track, as the black surface should be warm enough to keep the snow from sticking. I was wrong. There was maybe a half inch of snow on the track, enough so I'd slip a little with each footfall and I could see my footsteps multiply with each lap I took. I decided against the original plan to do 800s and just went 5000 meters at a brisk pace. Not an ideal workout but one I could live with.

The 5000 went alright - 19:23. I took splits every fourth time around and the 1600s got progressively faster - from 6:37 to about 6:25 to about 6:10. All of which is faster than Tuesdays MLK run. So I can see progress. That's about all I can ask on a day like today.

Now that I'm done with the workout I'm tempted to look back on it much more heroically - to be pleased with myself that I could push myself out there into lousy conditions. Like I'm somehow a better man, have built character, for it. I try but this doesn't ring true. It was just a run under crappy conditions, a run where it matters little ultimately if I did it or not and having finished it only means that there will soon come another run where I feel the same way and I'm back to square 1 - again feeling the need to prove something, although I'm not sure what or to whom.

9 miles total, total time of 74:06.


Blogger Quinto Sol said...

"I'm tempted to look back on it much more heroically"

I picture you fighting those evil snowflakes to submission. You are indeed a hero :-) Nice post.

4:07 PM  

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