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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chilly in West Philly

There was ice on the ground this morning. Enough ice so that when I was crossing 38th St. at the pedestrian light by the Vet School I heard a smack and turned to see that one car had slid into another while trying to stop. Ouch.

Set out to go up to Sweetbriar but I had the same beat up feeling in my legs that I had on Monday, only this time I got it around mile 1. So I cut things short and looped around the Spring Garden bridge instead. The run had a strange vibe to it, with the crash, a brilliant defacing of my favorite billboard over 76 just by the SG Bridge, a person on 31st St. who looks both ways before taking one step and planting him/herself right in my way. And various comments by cold people on my winter running attire (which is not very different from my summer attire).

But the run was not as strange as this one. Just goes to show how unsafe it is to run out in the suburbs.

6.7 miles in 55:47.


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