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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Morning After

Deirdre, Erin, Jody, Iris and I all met up this morning. Iris reportedly has a little Obama dance, but was playing shy and didn't do it. Otherwise, other than talking a bit about Jody's successful run of Marine Corps Marathon a few weeks ago, we spent most of the run Wednesday morning quarterbacking about the election. I have rarely seen us all in such a good mood.

Philadelphia came alive last night around 11 when the election got called. I was already in bed at the time, and fell asleep amidst car honking and people cheering in the streets. Part of me wishes I had stayed up. But instead I outran everyone this morning as Deirdre was the first to peel off at 33rd and Walnut (she is tapering for a marathon this weekend) and the others stopped at 48th and Locust.

I continued alone out to Cobbs Creek and back on Cedar. Time crawled and I didn't want to run, but when that happens I chalk it up as mental conditioning. Stretched that muscle and enjoyed the continued mild temps. Total time was 74:57; I'll call it 9 miles, easy.


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