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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Didn't blog the last two days because I didn't run. Both nights a combination of things kept me up late to where I decided getting up early to run in the morning would not work. I didn't feel real guilty about it and I didn't feel real good about it; hopefully doing more of this will get me going to bed earlier more often.

Got to bed early last night so I had no excuse to sleep this morning. Its always hard to get back on the horse after a string of DNRs, and the morning chill didn't help things. I got out a little late, about 6:10, late enough so that it was light enough to extract one more Tenicum from the jaws of an oncoming winter.

It was another beautiful fall run. The highlight of the run was a buck who I met up with at the lookout-makeout tower and who ran ahead of me on the trail for a good five minutes to the crossover to the boring part. The buck, with at least five points (I don't know how exactly to count them), didn't run as much as he pranced ahead, and would then wait for me to catch up. I got close enough so I could smell his stink. Then he'd be off again, a true prince of prance who, with a particular flourish, finally hurdled a bush and was gone.

Ian, John and I have decided to run the DC National Marathon on March 21. So it looks like I have a target race again. I haven't signed up yet, I'll do that in a day or two but first have to get used to the idea of this. Even in the best of times I am reluctant to pre-register as I'm afraid that invites injuries. My running has been strong again for awhile now, but I still feel that putting my miles in this basket would be somehow tempting a fate that has not been real good to me recently. I'll get over it, just like I got over other points of hesitation in the past year, and will probably register in a day or two.

10 miles in 88:15 - 49:54 and 38:21.


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