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Saturday, November 08, 2008


Catching up here before the weekend comes and I fall behind again.

Today was an easy 4 out to Franklin Field and up to 49th Street. I had to take Tony to an orthodontist appt. at 8:00 and didn't get out the door before 6:30 so my time was limited, which was fine cause my legs felt dead. Figured a middlin run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday will give me my 60 miles for the week, so an easy day was in order. Weather continues very mild, but the rain has brought alot of the leaves down. One of my favorite fall scenes, Irvine Auditorium on Penn campus as it sits behind a palette of foliage, is not to be this year as the trees are already denuded. 4 miles untimed.

I've never used "denuded" before in anything I've wrote.

Yesterday was 12 miles along a drizzly 11.5 mile Strawberry Mansion Bridge route. It was forever since I've last gone that route, and it started me back on getting the feel for a mid-week tempo workout. Yesterday I went through the motions, timing the splits on the 3.5 marked MLK miles but not running too hard. This amounted to 22:49 for that stretch; nothing to blog home about but cool nonetheless as it brought back that tempo feeling (this last clause to be read with the Righteous Brothers singing in your head). The tempo feeling again came back along Belmont Ave when local running stud Tom Haxton overtook me on his morning commute. I cranked up to his pace and we ran together for a mile or so and chatted. I had no problem maintaining conversation, but maybe that accounted for today's dead legs? Or maybe it was the extra half-mile I added on at the end to make it an even 12. Time was 95:53.


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