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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back in the Game

Set out in the pouring rain to meet John and whoever else would be at the Art Museum. The rain let up about the time I got there, which was a few minutes after Philly Runners had left. No sign of John either.

So I set out to reel in whoever I could. I was also glad I brought my iPod, all wrapped in plastic. I know I bellyached in a previous post about losing it, but don't think I mentioned that what was lost now has been found. I celebrated the prodigality of it all by loading up a bunch of fresh music, and spent most of the way listening to Albert Collins and JB Hutto. Good morning for blues.

I overtook the main PR group at about mile 2 on MLK and then a few stragglers and then Kevin G. Once I caught up with Kevin I excused myself to hit the bushes and while I was there the PR folks all went roaring by again. So I continued on and passed them again. I don't know what they must have thought, maybe that I had lapped them going around the Drives.

Run was strong. I did the 4 MLK miles in 29:42 and the Kelly Drive 4 in 28:58. Didn't push things, just took them a little faster. The final mapping put the course at 15.4 miles, which I finished in 2:01:01. Felt good and strong.

Considering running the 8.4 mile Schuylkill River loop race tomorrow. This race is the oldest continuous race in Phila and goes once around the Drives. A friend of mine, Dave Thomas, puts it on and it seems like a good race to get me back into the game, mentally speaking. But its also supposed to get colder and windier. Which would make racing the loop that much more fun. We'll see.

I also just officially registered for the National Marathon in Washington DC on March 21. Another step towards getting back in the game.

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.


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