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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tell Me Why...

Bleary eyed on a Monday morning. Ran home from Prospect Park down Chester Pike, taking a bit of a detour at the end to my mechanic to check on my car which I had towed there over the weekend following an unfortunate breakdown.

I saw as many birds along the way down Chester Pike as I might at Tinicum. This included a low-flying bald eagle, complete with white head. The bird, plus the unlikely surroundings it was in, really amazed me.

Otherwise I nearly got run over by a short-bus making a left in the McDade Blvd. - Church Rd. intersection while I was crossing (with the right of way). Couldn't see if the bus driver had eye contact with me as I reflexively and angrily flipped her the bird, but I could see a bunch of children staring at me. Sometimes one can be in the right and still be in the wrong.

Yeah, I know, Reba, I'm depersonalizing.

Anyway, a very easy 9.4 in 85:22.


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