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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Wisdom of Whores

When I teach a course I'll usually assign a book or two that is recent and that I have yet to read. It gets me reading stuff I otherwise wouldn't get around to reading and it keeps things fresh. The problem is that I actually have to read the book.

So I was up at 5 this morning with 300 pages of a book called The Wisdom of Whores needing to be read for today's class. I gave myself three hours to read it, and started at it. The book is written by an epidemiologist, but for a lay audience, and looks at the response to HIV/AIDS and the many reasons why its just so damn hard to get it right. Its hard to quickly get through an engaging book about sex and drugs while lying in a nice warm bed, but setting a deadline for getting my sneakers on helped with that.

So the run became a palette cleanser. I did make it through the book but my head was overloaded from reading. Getting out into the cloudy chill for a quick loop out to Cobbs Creek and back on Warrington worked wonderfully to counteract that.

I wish I could have run more but am glad to have gotten out at all. 5.5 miles, untimed.


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