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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Running in the Early Morning Rain

Before the Philly marathon, I saw a good poster that Ben had up in his apartment of an Adidas ad that said, paraphrased, that I used to think anyone running was nuts, then when I started running I thought anyone running at 6 a.m. was nuts, then when I was running at 6 a.m. I thought anyone running in the rain was nuts, then when I ran in the rain I thought running a marathon was nuts. The punch line, somewhat predictable but still cool, read something to the effect that now I'm out in the early morning training for a marathon and its snowing. I know I butchered the copy, but you get the gist.

I was out this morning at 6 in the rain. Marathon training hasn't quite started yet, but I'm signed up for one in the spring. As per that poster, I've drank the Kool Aid.

Once again, an SMB tempo loop. Warm up was sloooow, but the 3.5 miles that mattered went down in 22:51, over a minute faster than last week. And last Fridays track run tells me I should still be taking it down faster. I like this part of the training, when there is no floor yet in sight.

I got interrupted after turning right off of Lex St. by a woman in a track suit wanting to ask me a question. She described how she just finished walking/jogging for a half hour for the first time (apparently in her life) and wondered if she was doing enough. I went over with her how to set up a running schedule from scratch. She seemed reassured, which was about the best I could do. I told her to let me know how things were going if she saw me again and wished her luck.

She was running early on a rainy morning. There might be a marathon in her future.

As for me, 11.5 miles in 96:53.


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