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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Had me some breakfast this morning before setting out. Black coffee, a bowl of Cream of Wheat, and the NY Times. Then if brunch was a run, it would have been one like today's.

Weather is again blustery cold. I feel for the folks running Phila Marathon tomorrow at 7 a.m., esp as I may line up with them and do my long run. This morning I played on my antihero sentiments from yesterday and dressed a little more warmly than usual - two long sleeve t-shirts, gloves, my stretchy "Reba-repellant" shorts under my regular ones, and a knit hat in place of my usual ball cap. I have this phobia of overheating when I put on extra clothes, today it was about right, so that the wind felt good when it blew against me and evaporated sweat.

Ran out to the Lansdowne Sycamore. In the winter this is a weekend route. The tree is bare now. Had Rev. Gary Davis on the iPod, his ragtime beat provided a good rhythm for the long straightaways in this loop. Todays lesson relearned - coffee before a run on a cold day leads to a few unscheduled stops. My right big toe, with the nail about halfway grown back, is painful when it hits against the toebox, an ingrown nail kind of pain. It got banged up particularly bad on one downhill, and afterwards it acted as a governor on my pace. Just as well today, I'll have to do something about it if it doesn't go away.

That gives me an excuse for doing this 10 or so mile loop in 86:32.


Blogger John W said...

Coffee in the morning before a run always means a pit stop before I head out the door.

Are we in January or November?

4:54 PM  

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