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Monday, November 24, 2008

Changing Passwords

The short of it - Deirdre got me out of the house with plans to run that she then canceled at the last minute, but I proceeded anyway. Tony then got me back into the house as I had to be back to get him off to school. In the middle, I ran an easy four miles in the dark cold which wasn't as cold as I had steeled myself for.

Also changed passwords today. My password for my work stuff was a variation of "gonnarun70" which, since the summer, was a goal. Took me awhile to reach that goal, too long perhaps, but lately the daily reminders were getting less nagging and more affirming. I am now back up there, although there is no guarantee that I'll stay up there. But its time to set a new goal, and put it into my password.

4 miles on Franklin Field up to 49th, no time.


Blogger Kevin said...

login: seebo
password: capitol230

4:12 PM  

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