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Monday, December 01, 2008

Dave Alvin & the South St Bridge

Planned today to be an easy day. I felt strong despite of the effort I've been putting into my running over the past three days, but I figured I'd save the extra miles I felt I had in my legs this morning for my tempo run tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I did get in 8+ miles by taking it out to Sweetbriar and around 49th St. The weather has warmed up to where I again ran in a t-shirt.

As I crossed the South Street bridge I took note of the sign promising the bridge's closure next Monday. This means the bridge will be torn down and rebuilt and out of commission for at least 24 months. This is past due, as chunks of concrete have been known to fall on cars passing under the bridge on I-76, and no vehicles over 4 tons are permitted to cross over the bridge - but they do anyway because this is Philadelphia, the city where signs like that are only meant for the other guy. So while I don't deny the need, I do lament the inconvenience this will bring into my life, not the least of which will be with my eastward running routes. And I will miss the bridge; I've been running, driving, and cycling over it for over 13 years.

Ran with the latest Dave Alvin album on the iPod. He has recently rereleased a bunch of songs he recorded for the HighTone label, and it was with anticipation that I listened to it for the first time this morning. Alvin, first known for his work with the Blasters, has one of the finest senses for American music and zeitgeist this side of Springsteen. I connected this morning with what was flowing through my head with an intensity I have seldom felt. From headphones to ears to heart to legs. Once I got going, I felt I could do anything.

8+ miles in 64:48.


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