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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hair Shirt

Reba and I took a day off yesterday. To make it a true mental health day, I took a day off from running as well. No excuses. Just did it.

The best atonement for such sloth is to then do a run that you really don’t want to do. Put on a hair shirt and reassert the self-mortification that running can sometimes become. So on this chilly Saturday morning I dragged myself out of the warmth of bed to head out on a long run.

I really didn’t want to do this run but it would be the easiest time I’d have this weekend to get in a long run, as I left for Los Angeles later this afternoon. The run itself was nothing very noteworthy. Out to the Art Museum, around the Drives, and back. All with an iPod that froze up before I got to the South Street Bridge. 15 unimaginative miles over very familiar terrain. I’m still careful and holding back on the speed, so the game I played with myself on the marked miles was, once on the Drives, chipping away at an 8:24 first mile to log a cumulative 31:58 for the four MLK miles. I then resolved to hit the four Kelly Drive miles in under 31 minutes, and overshot this a bit by hitting a 30:36. Doing all this was more amusing than challenging. I’m determined to be patient this week.

My new sneeks did not arrive in time and I’m left with shlepping my near treadless 1062s to the West Coast with me. Tri City New Balance made a point of calling me and saying that the extra money I had spent to get second day delivery on the shoes was unnecessary. Then I was grateful for the money saved but, four days later and no shoes, I’m pissed.

I’m on a plane now, non-stop to LA, and foolishly ate a salty Land Jaeger – German smoked meat – and unwilling to pay for the now non-complementary beverages US Air offers. A bit more of the hair shirt. I’ll know better on the trip back.

Next entry will be a sunny postcard from California. 15 miles today in 2:02:12.


Blogger Vince A. said...

Please report back on the Redondo Beach to Malibu long run...

11:30 AM  

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