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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tempo Run Lite

Didn’t get a good sleep last night, but still couldn’t sleep past 5:30 this morning. Had to be out battling LA freeway traffic by 8 this morning. I had planned to take a day off, but as I was up I’d have time to sneak in a quick run on a hotel treadmill. Better to log some miles than none at all.

And that, my friends, was what I did. Stripped down the workout to its bare essentials – the fast miles. Within the first mile I got the treadmill maxed out at 6 minute pace and then cruised for the next three miles. First four miles went by in 25:15, a much faster pace than what I’ve been running my tempos on MLK. With a half mile cooldown it was 4.5 miles in 29:58.

So I got my runs in on my travel days. Heading back home today. Past experience tells me that it’s the boomerang, the difficulty running in the days immediately following the trip, that presents the larger challenge. Hopefully forewarned is forearmed.

And yes, my watch does stop at red lights (when I do).


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