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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Perquisite Storm

Two nice things about the academic life are flexible lunch hours and access to athletic centers. With it being a rainy/ice pellety day I took advantage of that and did my workout on the hamster wheel.

I'm still early enough in my training to where I can get my tempo run in on the TM. The machine maxes out at a six minute pace so after two warmup miles I cranked it up to ten and resolved to hang on for at least three and a maximum of six miles. This is where TM running is different than road running, in the latter you push and in the former you hang on. I made it through three, than four, and things started getting dicey. Soon I was hanging on by the quarter mile, and when I got past five miles I was hanging on by each tenth of a mile. But hang on I did and then I did two cooldown miles.

As everyone knows, TM workouts are as grueling on the mind as they are on the legs. I like to think of that as a plus, but only after I'm done.

Although the TM was set at the fastest it will go - 10 miles an hour (6 minute mile) - the miles went by at a 5:58 clip. Does this mean that the band ran fast... the band was a little short... or the timer was fast? We'll never know, will we.

Now if I could get four MLK miles in at 6 minute pace, I'll be happy. After the holidays I will try that out - as I'll be ready for the Bloody Nipple tempo runs again. Then marathon training will be full tilt.

10 miles total, forgot to check the time, 6 miles in 36.


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