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Friday, December 19, 2008

Rapture (or running the line)

For once I'm staring at the rain outside and feeling good, as I've got my run in already. The legs continue to feel beat up so I didn't push the mileage. Deirdre came by and we agreed to take it out to Mount Moriah Cemetery and call it an "easy" day at seven or so. One subject for discussion was the greater discipline it takes not to overdue things, and the fine line between getting fitter and heading toward injury. I like to think the soreness in my legs is a sign that I'm progressing toward the shape I want to be in (I of course never actually get there) but am also aware that on any morning things can shut down just like that. Running the line, so to speak.

Weather was a little too cool for mild, but very comfortable. A pervasively grey morning light hit just as we were running (whistling?) through the graveyard, making for an image of gravestones on a hill that looked like a stark, black and white photo. I told Deirdre that this is the type of morning I imagine a rapture could occur, with people coming out of their graves.

But it doesn't look like the rapture happened this morning, and we continued on. 7.5 miles on this route in 64:07


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