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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Help from My Friends

Yesterday I spoke of how the treadmill just takes you with it, where you set a pace and then its a matter of hanging on. In that manner, running becomes different than when you're on the roads and have to concentrate to keep pushing yourself when your energy and motivation flag.

In the absence of a treadmill this morning, there was Deirdre. She came by all warmed up and I left still hurting from yesterday afternoon's workout. The pace wasn't hard but I was pushing it as we took up an Acme loop, and by the time we hit Fairmount Park I was wondering if I'd last the whole loop. That was the worst of it, by the time we got to Wynnefield I was feeling better and though my legs were beat up I knew I'd get through it. By the time we got to 57th St. I was picking up the pace.

10 miles, 82:11. Nothing blistering, just glad to get a solid run in this morning, and humbled knowing I couldn't have done it on my own.


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