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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running Strong

Looked to hit the track over lunch. Big signs saying that, starting today, Franklin Field will be closed until January 13. Nothing like getting all revved for a track workout and then having to scramble for a plan B.

Plan B became an abbreviated tempo run on MLK. I was starting to think that FF being closed may have been a blessing from gods who had more sense than I did. My legs still felt sore and I didn't see how I'd be able to ramp things up. But I hit MLK and just took off, my strides feeling longer and as if they were hitting the treadmill. Felt I was pushing and held it there for two miles, finishing them in 11:45. Don't know if I could have held that for a third mile, but I was happy to take it that fast for two. Next step will be keep that pace for longer distances.

With that I felt like I am continuing to make progress with my training. Dunno how much physical progress from today but it's big to be able to visualize myself doing sub 6's down the Drives. Also left me feeling like a beast running back down 42nd St. to USP, with JB Hutto pumping into my ears from the iPod.

8.8 miles in 69:34. And next up is to work off my fitness at the departmental holiday party.


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