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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ice Breaking

The best thing about my run was that I made it out today. My legs have been sore from hitting it too hard on the treadmill on my easy days, and I've been getting to bed too late and getting up too early. It's late enough in the week now to where all this is taking its toll.

Slept in (relatively speaking) and planned to go run at 1. It was almost 4 before I got out. Just kept finding other things I needed to do. I really dislike running on a winter in the afternoon, as the traffic is heavy, its getting dark, its cold, and I feel like I'm playing catch up. But I made it out.

Made it all the way out to MLK and took those four miles at tempo speed. Mile splits were 6:10; 6:03; 5:53; 5:55 for a total of 24:01. As is the pattern, this was a considerable improvement over last week but I really would have liked to have gotten 2 seconds more off that time. I then chugged up the bloody nipple, I didn't have it today to keep up the tempo. But I did go up it, and hopefully next week it will be for time. Ice breaking.

Once on the Belmont Plateau I started to lose my energy. And it got dark. And rush hour got into full swing. A good formula for a slog back. Slow and just about impossible to sustain a rhythm.

Although the weather is drier it still feels like a bleak day. Probably due to all the stuff I got to do before classes start on Monday. The run felt bleak as well, though the tempo miles picked me up.

12.5 miles on a shorter BN loop in 1:40:11.


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