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Monday, December 29, 2008

Back Home

Got in last night. Denver was great. Since I last wrote:
- Christmas day I got alot of hill work in on this loop: 8.5 in 67:24. Hiked for a bit afterward.
- on the 26th I went skiing in 6 inches or so of fresh powder on top of who knows how much more snow. Most amazing condition and surroundings I've ever skied in, but left my legs oh-so very sore; so
- on the 27th I rested; and
- on the 28th I did 5.5 in the morning (47:27) before flying back to Philly.

All in all, I'm glad I kept up some running, although I would hardly call it training. But that's why its called vacation.

This morning I ran through Tinicum to go get my car. The prelude to this was that Bluette, my faithful 97 VW Golf, had some trouble last Monday before I left for Denver. We managed to limp into a Strauss Auto Supplies store/repair shop on Island Ave/Lindbergh Blvd - just down the road from where she broke down. I left her there while I went out west and this morning did a destination run from Reba's place to pick her up.

Reba will be moving in with me in the upcoming month, which is a wonderful thing save for that I won't have much occasion to run Tinicum anymore. Today's run felt like a farewell party of sorts. I ran into a chilly crisp sunrise and the whole refuge was alive. Some members of the Tinicum Track Club gave me a little escort, there were more herons than I've ever seen, geese, ducks, sparrows, cardinals among other species flew and twittered and were all over. Then as I started running around a newly filled Darby Lake a Bald Eagle flew overhead. Took my breath away faster than the Denver altitude. I will miss Tinicum.

I'll call it 6 miles, a slow 55:20. Still not a training run. Tomorrow morning I'll head out to the track to see how these legs have fared over the holiday.


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