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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bridge Report

In signing in just now I happen to see that this is my 1000th post. I'm not sure whether to be proud of that or think that had I put all this writing toward other ends I could have a novel done by now.

Interesting run this morning. Started by heading out west with Erin. As we caught up on what seemed like too much of each others lives we realized how little we've run together lately. After four miles and citing lack of shape, she ducked into the A-Plus store for a gallon of milk and I was on my own.

I continued down toward Penn, ducking behind the baseball field onto a service road that runs parallel to I-76 to see how close I could get to the South Street Bridge construction. I figured I could get back up onto South Street through the Penn ROTC building. But when I got there ROTC was an island, as the elevated section of South Street that hooks the ROTC building to civilization as it passes over I-76 and connects to the bridge is now completely gone. This is a stretch of street, now vanished, that I've run on for a good percentage of the 1000 blog posts I've written. A strange sight. Beyond it, the South Street Bridge was well on its way to being dismantled as well. All I could do was wish them Godspeed and try to figure out how to get back on to the portion of South Street that still exists. The only way was back the way I came.

From there I headed through the ever growing medical complex around 34th Street to Walnut Street, where I crossed the river and hit the bike path along the Schuylkill. From there it was to the Art Museum and, instead of running the usual way back home through Penn, I kept going on Spring Garden Street till it ended on 42nd St. I surprised myself with how unfamiliar I am with this street. Running on it, it was easy to imagine how it must have been the heart of Powelton Village back when Powelton was a village, and as I headed west the stately homes turned into progressively more dilapidated row houses.

One of the reasons I love running in the city - the endless places to explore, sometimes right underfoot.

A December 31st post would not be complete without some mention of the year that's wrapping up today. In year's past I've posted a top 10 list of running events for the year, but my heart isn't in it this year. There weren't so many single points this year as much as little bits of zen gleaned from a string of minor adversities. I logged 2,471 miles this year, an average of 6.8 per day. This is more than the 2,200 I logged last year, but less than the 3,133 I logged in 2006. While it has not been an eventful year runningwise, it has been a good year otherwise and for that I'm glad.

For once I have my hopes up for 2009 - both for running and in general. Starting on a new log sheet, with all of its blankness, always gets me excited for all of the possibilities it holds. Happy New Year.

11.5 miles in 1:43:10, and no that's not a typo - just slow and not accounting for all of the turning around due to the construction.


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