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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Cold, rainy week. Lots to do to get ready for classes next week. And I'm driving Tony to school all week. This really cramps my running. So I'm continuing to run indoors on the hamster wheel.

In past posts I've complained long and loud about various aspects of the treadmills at USP, and one of my loudest complaints was that the machines max out at a 6 minute pace. I feel like a dog barking at the end of its leash, knowing I could talk a good game as long as I'm tethered up.

But now I'm unleashed. USP got two treadmills now that will go down to a 5 minute pace. That means nothing's holding me back from some hard tempo stuff. It also means I better put up. So yesterday I ran a 4 mile loop around Franklin Field in the early morning and then did a second lunchtime workout on the TM where I warmed up a mile, did 4 miles in 23:23, and cooled down a sixth mile. In the tempo part of that run, I took it down to 5:40 pace at my fastest, and never went over 6. It didn't feel too hard. So now I just gotta take my game out MLK and do that kind of pace. Maybe tomorrow.

Today I did another of the workouts I did on Monday. Run no more than 60 minutes, and try to get in 8.5 miles. Got the desired distance in 59:54.

So I'm getting my workouts in this week.


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