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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today and Yesterday

Don't really feel in much of a writing mood. Gray, bleary Saturday with the threat of snow/rain hanging in the low clouds. Made it out this morning with a little nudge by John Dubs, together we covered a good bit of Philadelphia in 16 miles, after which he turned back to the Art Museum and I ran another 2 miles home. As usual with John, conversation rolled easy and the pace was steady. When we were all the way out west, we turned down Girard Ave, which I'd never run down that far west, but the street was narrow and there were many lights. The other item to note is that I noticed some adductor pain on my right side. I've been having little bouts of it for a few weeks, it comes during a run and then goes. Today was the first day I noticed it when I wasn't running. I'll run tomorrow and continue to monitor it, and hope it doesn't get worse.

Today was 18.2 total in 2:31:10 along this route.

Yesterday was an easy five with Jody and Erin on this route.

After getting home today I showered, ate and napped. The only civilized post-long run thing to do. So why don't I do it more often?


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