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Thursday, March 05, 2009


Rebatemp (tm) said it was 12 degrees this morning. That didn't do wonders for my motivation to head out the door, so I stole a few moments by reading the front page of the Inquirer. The deal is I let myself read the front-page articles but cannot turn the page.

Among the articles there was one about Twitter. Twitter, for those who don't know (my mother reads this blog), is a website where you post 1-sentence updates online as to what you are doing. Done diligently, it lets you provide a narrative to your life. And apparently its all the rage. Finishing the article, I felt the same relief as I used to get after reading articles about ultramarathons and then realizing that I still had no interest in them.

But it did get me thinking (once I got running) about how blogging is becoming yesterday's form of online self expression. My perception is that it is still going strong, and will always have a presence, but fair weather bloggers are moving on. Which makes me more comfortable, as I tend to lose my balance when I'm walking along any cutting edge.

I like to write. To write stuff like this where I can recount stuff, process thoughts, and let my mind wander to wherever it wants to go. If other folks are into it, so much the better. I think that is why I'm back to blogging now, I never really found a substitute for it.

That line of thinking got me about to Penn campus on this morning's run. For a minute or two more my mind stayed occupied with thoughts of how it really didn't feel as cold as the 12 degrees it was supposed to be. The sun and absence of wind helped in that. I congratulated myself on forgoing the long pants and feeling comfortable.

In other words, it was a fine morning to run. One of those rare mornings when the run goes by faster than it feels like it should. Ran down to MLK Drive via my now established post-South Street Bridge closing route over the Chestnut Street bridge. This cuts about a half mile from the old route to the Art Museum. From there I took the 3 MLK miles briskly (20:28 - I hesitate to use the term "tempo run" yet) and took it easy the rest of the way home.

I reveled in being out there this morning. Not quite sure how I would twitter that. Saying "10.5 miles in 88 minutes" just doesn't convey the sentiment.


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