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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Checking In

Its time to check back in again. Various reasons for that, all of which come together to produce that feeling. No promises on whether this gig will resume on a regular basis, but its time to revisit the ol' Seebo's Run.

Probably the main reason for my coming back is that I have a better feeling about running again. The weather's better, my little niggling maladies are holding back, Erin's been coming out in the mornings again and dragging me along, and I had a really good 22-miler with John Dubs and three other folks yesterday. And the number one reason for coming back to this blog is that I'm absolutely bound and determined to finish up a paper I'm writing this morning and, depending on how you look at it, the writing that I'm doing here is either a warm up or a procrastinatory exercise. Perhaps both.

But mostly I've had thoughts popping around in my head that I wanted to put down somewhere, and this used to be my outlet. I'll stick with the habit I tend to have about writing about the thoughts rather than delving into the actual thoughts themselves, one resolution I'll make on future posts is revisiting some of these thoughts. This morning's Inquirer had an article on what they call "x-treme archaeologists" and "urban explorers" which Erin and I have been dabbling in of late with runs through the extreme reaches of Mount Moriah cemetery and the hulking ruins around Bartram's Gardens. Yesterday's 22 miler was a great example of how much a group can help on these things, as there was a great dynamic where we'd mix and match off into different combinations of 2s and 3s as the run progressed, and by the end just more or less ran our mouths as much as our legs to run out the clock. Three of the folks - Cassie, Jenny and Luke - were Philly Runners whom I'd not known before, which was the third straight Saturday I've run with new folks: Philly Runners has turned over in personnel, bringing new people to run with and sadness for the moving on of many of the old heads. Then there's my aches and pains, just writing about them indicates how I'm getting old. Finally, there's the upcoming marathon, March 21 in DC, which has been looming in the distance and which, after yesterday's run, I am now confidant I can at least finish in a BQ fashion.

So much to write, so much to write. And I will sign off with that. Hopefully I'll get out for a couple of miles around noon today before the big snow hits. And now off to my paper.


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